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Discover how Cisco Collaboration is changing the way we work.

Let Tener Technologies, LLC help you improve productivity and innovation with easy-to-use collaboration technology from Cisco. Meet anywhere, anytime on any device: Transition between your desktop, in-person meetings, and your mobile device with zero interruption.


Cisco Named as a Leader

Gartner positions Cisco as a leader in its latest Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions Click Here

Improve customer care interactions

Improve customer care to create the foundation for strong relationships and loyal customers. Learn More

Collaboration Endpoints Portfolio

Stay connected, be engaged and innovate -- anytime, anywhere and on any device. Download

Flexible, future-ready UC solutions

Be sure to take the right steps with this next-generation UC guide. Download guide

One Easy Plan for All Your Meeting, Messaging, and Calling Needs

A simplified and economical way to buy Cisco’s entire meeting and calling experience and choose to deploy on-premises or in the cloud. Read At-A-Glance

All Your Communication Needs in One Service

Cloud-based application suite offering a range of communication for better teamwork. Download eBook

Build a Foundation for Success

Read this must-have e-book from TechTarget for trends and tips on building a solid UC platform for the future. Download ebook

Which Deployment is right for you?

On-prem? Cloud? Both? This guide will help you choose what's best for your business. Download guide

Aragon Research Globe: The Race to the Integrated Experience

Today the business user’s need for Real-time Collaboration is fueling the integration of Communication and Collaborative tools. Read the Report


Career Day

Your data center is now the center of everything you do. Smart technology. Big data. Mobile applications. Real-time analytics. Cloud Consumption Models. It’s time to ensure your data center is ready. To enable the business outcomes and innovation you need to get the most out the connected world.

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Explore more ways Cisco can help you meet your business goals.

Career Day

Your data center is now the center of everything you do. Smart technology. Big data. Mobile applications. Real-time analytics. Cloud Consumption Models. It’s time to ensure your data center is ready. To enable the business outcomes and innovation you need to get the most out the connected world. Watch Now

Connected analytics for the enterprise

Getting the big picture means going outside the firewall to new data sources that complement what is painted by traditional enterprise systems. Download Now

IDC Builiding a Data Center to Support Your Big Data Needs

Companies rely on an expanding set of applications to compete in today's rapidly evolving business environment. Download Now

5 Reasons Your Data Center is Everywhere

The applications of yesteryear were all in one place―generally on your desktop or on a server in a data center―but that is not the case today. Today’s applications are complex and interconnected, making the next generation of data center infrastructure crucial to their operation. Download Now

5 Tips to Ensure That Big Data Makes a Big Impact on Your Organization

Big data is changing the way that the world does business, from reactive to predictive. Analytics can transform the way that almost every department in your organization operates, but most companies are barely scratching the surface. Here are five tips to get more actionable insights from your data. Download Now

5 Steps to Aligning IT to the Needs of Your Organization

In the past, attempts to integrate data center infrastructure and applications have been manual, time-consuming, and expensive efforts. Fortunately, with the advent of cloud computing and hybrid IT, that situation is changing. IT can now be a catalyst for transformation: the enabler of innovation, new business models, and new revenue streams in five steps. Download Now


Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report

Get security industry insights and key findings taken from threat intelligence and cybersecurity trends.

Download the Report

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Understand today’s threats before they become tomorrow’s issues.


3 Tips for Choosing a Next-Generation Firewall

When considering a new firewall, be sure to ask if it delivers these three key capabilities to get the most from your investment! View Infographic

Network Security Monitoring is a critical cybersecurity discipline

Learn about current practices and challenges associated with network security monitoring related to people, processes, and technologies. Download the report

Not sure if you need a dedicated Next-Generation IPS?

Learn how an NGIPS can protect your digital business against advanced threats! View Infographic

Cyber Resilience: Safegarding the Digital Organization

Organizations recognize that cyber attacks will be launched against them. But by adopting cyber resilient architectures and business processes, they can shift from a reactive to proactive state and tackle cyber risks with confidence. Get the whitepaper

95 percent of organizations are targeted by malicious traffic

Threats are real, constant, and evolving. Learn how Cisco Advanced Malware Protection can help you protect your organization today and tomorrow. Get the white paper

Next Generation Endpoint Security: An Investment Checklist

When considering a next-generation endpoint security solution, be sure to ask if it delivers these key capabilities to get the most from your investment!  Get the Checklist

You know your network is already compromised. So what can you do?

The answer lies in network visibility. Learn how you network visiblity can help you a security event from becoming a full-blown data breach. Download the Whitepaper

A Ransomware Attack in Action

This captivating video illustrates a ransomware attack from beginning to end in a realistic scenario. Watch the Video

The Ultimate Checklist to Preventing and Fighting Ransomware Attacks

When it comes to battling ransomware, your best offense is a good defense. Is your organization prepared to ward off an attack?
View the Checklist

Ransomware: Everything You Need to Know Whitepaper

 Ransomware can enter your system in many different ways. Malvertising, phishing emails, and even sophisticated thumb-drive schemes are common tactics that adversaries use to compromise your system. Let’s take a closer look at one common scenario. Learn More

Considering a next-generation endpoint security solution?

 Make sure it delivers on these 5 key areas. View the Infographic

Pre-Crime for IT Whitepaper

Effective IT Security now demands on predicitve insight to detect and prevent attacks. Get the Whitepaper


Turn your network into an engine of innovation

Across every sector, innovators have something in common: a next-generation network. Modernized, high-performing, secure networks support innovation across the organization.

View Infographic

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Help people work more productively and securely, and connect with customers on a more personal level.

Deliver innovative experiences

Use data and real-time insights from your network to create personalized experiences for your employees and customers. Watch Now

How Your Small to Midsize Business Can Embrace Mobility Now

Mobile devices have brought advancements to virtually all aspects of modern life and have had transformative effects on businesses spanning all industries. Download Now

5 ways your network can boost innovation

You and your IT team have to be the activators of your digital transformation, but all too often you’re forced to spend the majority of your time on management and maintenance of your network. Download Now

5 ways to get intelligence out of your network

Recognizing the network’s ability to deliver insights is the first step in harnessing its value, and no one is more capable of doing this than you. Download Now

5 steps to delivering a perfect customer experience

Knowing where your customers go and how long they stay is key. The right network location-based services, such as Cisco® Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX), help you understand behavioral data so you can improve customer interactions. Download Now

5 steps to a digital workplace that’s anywhere, anytime

Cisco® 802.11ac wireless and multigigabit switches help you deliver the wireless experience everyone needs to work efficiently on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Download Now

5 reasons to catch the second 802.11ac Wave

Today’s workforce is on the go, and they need access from anywhere, on any device. With Cisco® 802.11ac, you can deliver reliable wireless to support a range of applications. Download Now

5 reasons your network needs an upgrade

If you’re relying on older hardware for innovation, it’s time for a change. Download Now

Creating a more engaging fan experience

Creating a more engaging fan experience and unique partner opportunities Download Now

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