ZixCorp Email Encryption 

ZixCorp®, the market leader in email encryption, has helped over nine thousand customers comply with government regulations to encrypt sensitive information sent via email. ZixCorp’s proven email encryption and email DLP solutions have been adopted by many of the nation’s most influential institutions including:

  • U.S. federal banking regulators
  • Divisions of the U.S. Treasury
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • More than 20 state regulators                                               
  • Over 1,900 financial institutions
  • More than 30 Blue Cross Blue Shield Organizations
  • One in every five U.S. hospitals
  • The Hartford, Fox Chase Cancer Center, ICON Central Laboratories, 7-Eleven and many more

Increasing Need for Email Encryption

Securing sensitive information in email for customers, partners and employees isn’t just a best practice — it’s often the law. Compliance with regulations is a priority for healthcare, financial and government organizations; it may also need to be a priority for your company.

Whether it is customer data, partner data or intellectual property, no industry is exempt from the need to protect their company’s sensitive information. In addition, no company can deny that email continues to be the preferred method of business communication. Based on these factors, federal and state government continues to enact tougher laws on the protection of customer data across all industries. 

With ZixCorp Email Security Services, you can trust that:

  • Customer information is secure
  • Your reputation is protected
  • Email exchange complies with federal and state regulations
  • Your most valuable relationships with customers and partners are not jeopardized by data breaches in email
  • Company assets are protected from being sent through email

Summary of Business Drivers & Justifications for Email Encryption

  • Regulatory compliance
    • HIPAA and HITECH | healthcare
    • GLBA | finance
    • State Security Breach Notifications Laws (enacted by 46 states)
    • State Data Encryption Laws (enacted by CA, NV, MA and WA)
  • Company’s reputational risk
    • Overall best business practices
    • Timely delivery of sensitive information to a company’s partners and customers
    • Elimination of costs related to a company’s manual process to delivery sensitive information
    • Protection of company assets (customer data, intellectual property, etc.)


Email Encryption Product Line




ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption gateway for security and compliance. Sitting on the edge of your network, ZixGateway inspects all the outbound email to ensure they adhere to chosen policies. With full content scanning of the subject line, message body and attachments, ZixGateway can encrypt, route, block or brand outbound email based on corporate policies.



ZixDLP is an email data loss prevention solution that will strengthen compliance with corporate and government policies. This solution leverages the policy and content scanning capabilities of the ZixGateway with an intuitive quarantine interface in order to help prevent sensitive information from being sent outside an organization via email.



ZixPort, the most reliable and easy to use recipient delivery method, allows recipients to access encrypted email from any standard Internet browser or mobile device.



ZixMail makes it easy and cost-effective for individuals, small businesses or select departments to protect sensitive information sent via email. Individuals use ZixMail, our desktop encryption software, to encrypt email to their recipients. ZixMail can be downloaded and installed for use in minutes.


Save Money and Keep Your Company Safe

Proactive Monitoring Designed to Keep Your Network Secure

Network Security

Standard point-of-service security solutions are highly difficult to institute, update, and manage. This can lead to complex operations and an increase to overhead cost. Tener Technologies wants to help you eliminate these issues with an All-In-One Security Solution, also known as Unified Threat Management (UTM).



Filter Access to Certain Web Sites and Keep Your Staff Productive

Web Filtering & Firewall

Apply filters to user groups to only allow work related content to be accessed

In order to grow as a company in today’s digital world, you have to provide your employees with resources that make them more efficient. The Internet is one of most important resources your employees will require. Unfortunately, if not controlled properly, granting access to the internet can create its own inefficiencies.


Your Business Needs More Security than What Standard Spam Filters Offer

Spam Protection

Spam costs your business money.

Did you know that 58% of all e-mail sent is classified as spam? With standard spam filters that come with most email clients not being efficient enough to catch this spam, it can be costly to your business. Businesses that don't have an effective spam filter in place, can generate costs up to $700 a year per employee. This is an expense that can easily be avoided with a quality spam protection solution from Tener Technologies.


Digital Surveillance Solutions to Keep Your Business Secure

Digital Security Camera Systems

We'll take the headache out of choosing the right surveillance system for your business.

Choosing from the vast amount of surveillance systems available on the market today can be overwhelming to anyone. There's different brands, sizes, resolutions along with a lot of options to choose from like motion and light detection.

You want to make sure that when choosing a digital surveillance option that you're not wasting money by purchasing unnecessary equipment, while at the same time, not inhibiting your ability to gain the security you are after. As with many of your technology needs, Tener Technologies can assist you with this. We've had enough experience in the industry to properly filter through the do's and don'ts, while still keeping future expansion in mind.


Keep Your Network and Infrastructure Secure with Sophos

Sophos Security Solutions

The Sophos security apparatus provides organizations with solutions for many of their mission-critical security concerns.

In today's business environment, being able to secure your organization's information and infrastructure ia a crucial variable in maintaining the level of company productivity necessary to achieve growth. With Sophos Security solutions offered through Tener Technologies, you can keep your users, network, and computing infrastructure secure from threats present all over the Internet.


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